Unlock your mind's potential

It is astonishing what we are capable of with a clearer mind. One Thought is driven by the consistent game changing impact this has for individuals, leaders and organisations

What we do

The greatest resource in every company is the state of mind of its people.

Inspired by the Three Principles discovered by Sydney Banks and twenty years of pioneering work with individuals, organisations and businesses, One Thought’s programmes provide a working understanding of our natural ability to live and work in a clearer, healthier state of mind. A better understanding makes a big difference; leading to real, sustainable change.

For Leaders

Through in-depth conversations and executive education we tailor programs to the needs of leaders at all levels.

Focussed on existing goals and challenges our programmes strengthen and develop leaders where they need it most, while creating a foundation to raise their game and gain expertise in often overlooked areas of effective leadership.

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For Organisations

We create training and development programs to meet organisations’ defined business or cultural objectives.

Through a mixture of training, coaching and mentoring, our programmes allow our clients to learn and intimately understand the One Thought Framework while effectively applying it to their work, their communication and the wider organisation, The goal: tangible, sustainable results

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For Individuals

We offer programmes to meet the specific challenges of individuals, couples and families. Based on an initial conversation, the programmes are designed to achieve the desired goals and outcomes of the participants.

Find out how a One Thought programme can make a difference to the important areas of your life including your personal resilience and well being, family, work and relationships.

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What OneThought. can do for you.

  • Communication
    Improved relationships and dynamics, regardless of communication style, personality type, differing opinions
  • Happiness and well-being
    Less stressed, more resilient and overall happier employees
  • More lift, less drag
    The ability to go twice as far with half of the effort by reducing the wearing effects of chronic stress, anxiety and pressure
  • Fuel
    Improved efficacy and reduced tension through anti-burn-out resilience
  • Reputation
    Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Profit
    Increased revenue through team efficiency and engagement

Who we are.

One thought was founded to bring ground breaking discoveries about the mind to the main stream. Our key focus is leaders and the business world, where these insights inevitably fuel dramatic shifts in performance, engagement and communication. At the core of the One Thought team are Aaron Turner PhD and Lila Turner MA and a clarity of purpose. They see the unnecessary waste, cost and struggle of the normal state of mind that most people live and work in. They are uncompromising about the real potential to leave these costs and limitations behind whilst making a whole new level of clarity and efficiency an effortless new normal.

"In the past 20 years the greatest differentiator among corporations between wild success and less success has been in the strategic use of digital technology. In the next 20 years the greatest differentiator will be the strategic enhancement of the human factor and One Thought is at the absolute forefront of unlocking this factor."
David Patterson CEO, Northwater Capital
"The work of One Thought is nothing short of extraordinary. Working with Aaron and Lila has enhanced the quality of my work, the work of my portfolio companies, partners, employees, and personal relationships in innumerable ways. I loath wasted time and effort. I seek excellence and clarity in relationships and work, and almost never write a testimonial. However, in this case I am delighted to be able to send a shout out to this work, as it has been such a gift in my life!!"
Rowan Finnegan Founder & MD at Regenerative Investment
"Cascading this understanding to all levels of my organisation has not only created a better place to work but also visit and do business with – we can see the direct impact to our bottom line. This understanding is what makes all the difference when every other conventional method, tool and technique stops working."
Jason Catifieglou Group GM The Zetter Group

Relationship ready

Relationship Ready is a sister business that addresses the missing piece in the romantic life of  busy professionals. Founded by OneThought’s Lila Turner, the program is designed to make dating and being in a relationship less frustrating, more effortless, and unrestricted by old patterns so you can be a more natural version of yourself. We want you to be able to enjoy a more rich, relaxed and enjoyable romantic life. We put your relationships life on a whole new footing.

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Introductory videos

If you are interested how state of mind and The One Thought Framework relates to many of the current business issues and challenges see our Business and Performance video page with over 15 introductory videos on business related topics.

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Practitioner training

As one of the most experienced three principles professionals in Europe and globally, Aaron has designed and leads the full range of practitioner training that One Thought provides. We offer comprehensive foundational training for those launching their professional life in this field and we offer ongoing professional development and education for those already working with clients.

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One Thought Sport

Is there an easier way to improve your performance?

Athletes work extremely hard to be the best at what they do. Putting in hard hours on the training ground, the gym and the track. There is no shortage of commitment and hard work. One Thought brings its expertise to focus on the key to achieving that edge of consistency not just through putting in the 'hard hours'? What if there was a way to increase consistency of performance, something that stayed, rather than being an infrequent visitor? What if that difference was easily accessible?

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Whatever your situation, with our customised programmes we can guide you towards achieving busy without feeling busy.

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