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Within organisations stress, office politics, unproductive meetings, frustration and lack of engagement are all fairly normal. Nobody likes or appreciates these aspects of work. But most of us assume they are an unavoidable aspect of working life. With an understanding of state of mind, all of these features of working life become optional allowing a new basis for an organisation’s culture. One of clarity, resilience and goodwill. All of which directly affects engagement, employee satisfaction and productivity.

The key to easier, more sustainable change

A new understanding is the key to change within organisations. We often assume that change within organisations will be difficult, stressful and time consuming. This is because change initiatives may not get to the underlying logic that drives people to approach things the way that they do. Our programs are designed to focus on this underlying level of understanding so that participants get the chance to have a change of mind and a change of heart. The kind of change that leads to sustainable change. 

"The state of mind workshop reinvigorated the team, broke down very difficult functional barriers and created a very supportive environment which very quickly enabled the Team to make real progress. All key members of the team specifically fed back very positive experiences from the workshop."
Kevin Dixon Operations Director BAE Systems
"Our workforce became more responsible, accountable, resilient and exhibited higher levels of well being and passion for their work. But this wasn't just about feeling good. It was all about results. Virtually every business metric we track improved as we deepened our understanding - including Orders, Sales, Profit and every efficiency and every quality measure worth mentioning. Most importantly, our customer satisfaction survey scores skyrocketed. I can recommend One Thought and their approach to life and business unconditionally."
D. Donovan President, Aerospace & Defense corporation
"The atmosphere has changed a lot, it is a nice feeling to come into work and enjoy what we are doing even in busy times. The team just mentally stronger and more prepared for busy times ahead. There is no tension between team members, which I am sure has a positive effect on their mood, performance and this helps to provide better customer care."
Rob F and B director

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