One Thought Practitioner Programmes

Since 2010, One Thought has provided high quality, leading-edge professional training for Three Principles practitioners. One Thought’s founders Aaron Turner and Mara Gleason developed The One Thought Institute, a comprehensive practitioner training that became the basis for many existing programmes. Many of today’s new generation of practitioners are graduates of that programme including many of the faculty and staff at The Innate Health Center, Tikun and Beyond Recovery.

After running The Institute for six years, we have evolved and refined our practitioner training offer to provide everything you need in a focused, engaging way. This simplified focus allows us to offer just what you need in a way that maximises its impact and minimises its cost. We don’t want to offer you a lot of training. We want you to get what you need so you can do the rest.


If you have experienced the life changing benefit of understanding The Principles and how meaningful it can be for everyone and that has drawn you to want to share it, you need a feeling and a grasp of the fundamentals from which you can effectively do that.

Our Foundations of Impact Practitioners Programme is designed to give you that in a meaningful way that allows you to begin your professional journey and have what you need to develop as you go, minimising the degree to which you get lost and stuck along the way.

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It is a programme focused on the challenges and objectives and dynamics of our actual client work.

Developing the leverage of learning from your work under the guidance, direction and experience of Dr. Aaron Turner based around recorded client sessions.

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