We give individuals a meaningful foundation for life and relationships.

How we help individuals

People come to us individually for many reasons. They may be struggling with a major life challenge or decision. They may want to get out from old patterns that keep repeating themselves. You may just want to find life more rewarding and to feel more connected or find more mental health and wellbeing.

New possibilities

For most people, their state of mind is invisible, even though it affects everything we do. We help people see this dimension of their life more clearly and better understand their freedom to navigate it more wisely.  Through focused conversations, people get a feel for their freedom of mind and potential for clarity, emotional health and well being in the situations that matter to them most. The result is a whole new foundation and feeling for life.

Open Registration Programme

Our Open Registration Programme is an opportunity to explore The Three Principles with Aaron and Lila, it includes both a training element and also the time and space to engage, discuss and ask questions. Previously, as a member of the public, if you were not interested in our practitioner training and practitioner professional development programmes, there were not many options to work with us. Now we are excited to offer a way for anyone to work us and learn with us in a very accessible way.

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"While it is too early to tell the benefits in my job, on a personal note they are many. …my last example is just a different feeling I have when being with my wife of 41 years. There is an inner peace and happiness. I cannot put words to this feeling, it just exists, like an inner glow and brings my level of well-being to a very high state and I like it."
Gary Program Manager, IT Services Company
"One Thought has completely transformed my life, my relationships and my world of work. I feel truly blessed to have spent time learning and exploring this understanding."
Kate McCavana Consultant, Coach & Mentor
"I have been to countless seminars within personal development and read hundreds of books on the topic, but nothing has effected me in such a profound way. This really works and I can feel the result of it every day."
Kwame Moore Entrepreneur

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Whatever your situation, with our customised programmes we can guide you towards achieving busy without feeling busy.

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