One Thought Sport

Is there an easier way to improve performance and consistency?

Delivering the difference

Athletes work extremely hard to be the best at what they do. Putting in hard hours on the training ground, the gym and the track. There is no shortage of commitment and hard work. One Thought brings its expertise to focus on the key to achieving that edge of consistency not just through putting in the 'hard hours'? What if there was a way to increase consistency of performance, something that stayed, rather than being an infrequent visitor? What if that difference was easily accessible?

Searching for the difference

Every sportsperson is looking for that 'something different', an edge, however magical. Training harder and longer. Changing how they train. The equipment they use. Constantly searching for anything they believe will make that difference. Sometimes even risking their hard-won careers to do so.

Hard hours spent putting in extra time takes huge personal sacrifice and dedication. All in the hope that it makes a difference, gives them that edge, that improvement in performance, and still, the question remains.

"Can I deliver in the months that matter?" There is no edge, no preparation that trumps the importance of performing on the day.

"Why does my performance vary?" A sportsperson maintains their peak physiological condition buy their standard of performance varies.

The One Thought Sport programme allows athletes to answer these questions and navigate their own clarity of mind more easily and effectively.

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