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There has been a lot of research and writing about leadership. There is an abundance of theories about what determines how effective we are as leaders, but no clear understanding of what drives impactful leadership. At One Thought we focus on the influence of the state of mind of the leader and how this drives clarity, communication, morale and effectiveness. Instead of leaving with another theory, leaders leave our programmes (whether it is a corporate training or executive coaching) with a tangible sense of a new orientation and a new perspective that will allow them to navigate more deliberately day-to-day and see the results for themselves. 

What is state of mind?

One Thought has a specific expertise and focus on state of mind. It is our way of identifying the profound and unavoidable effect our clarity and presence of mind has on everything we do. It is easy to confuse state of mind with discussions about mindset, mindfulness and other approaches to changing our thoughts or behaviour. State of mind is the clarity that underlies and fuels whatever mindsets we have. Understanding state of mind allows us more freedom in our clarity of mind and our mindsets without having to spend extra time and effort on specific practices or processes. This understanding can be gained through our group based corporate training or through a more tailored and targeted management development programme. It can also be developed on an individual basis through executive coaching and leadership coaching.

"I have been to a lot of leadership training in my career and I have had enough of being exposed to a range of ideas and opinions about leadership and being told, “the best one is what works for you”. This course was different, it focused on the deeper more fundamental drivers that affect us as leaders."
Anonymous Senior civilian executive US Army
"In my 25 years of leadership and management experience and countless training and professional development sessions, Dr. Turner's seminar on mind-state offers the fastest route to a high-performing leadership team."
Jeffrey Mockensturm US Army Colonel
"Despite my expectations and in a challenging market place we have seen nearly a million pound increase in turnover, reduced complaints and an extra point on trip advisor, all of which I directly attribute to the One Thought leadership team program."
Grant Powell General Manager, The Arch Hotel

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