Female Executive Coaching

About the coaching

Lila is passionate about working with professional women. She sees spirited, capable, driven women pushing to have an impact and achieve a level of excellence they know they are capable of but working twice as hard to get there. She knows there is a shift available to gain a stronger footing in their impact and a more effortless level of productivity and clarity.

Lila helps her clients find the resources to:

  • Have more ease and confidence, clarity and momentum in what they are doing.
  • Thrive more easily and effortlessly without sacrificing on success and achievement or their home life.
  • Trust themselves at a deeper level so that they no longer need to spend time double guessing themselves or comparing themselves to others.

The executive coaching programme with Lila Turner is intended to provide mentorship, support and ongoing development for individuals to understand and deepen an understanding of the One Thought framework and apply a fresh set of eyes to the specific challenges and issues that they are facing. Lila shows her clients that they are their own best council and source of wisdom so that any challenges that life might throw at them will not feel complex and difficult but simple and obvious.

"I’d recommend this to someone because Lila’s approach is so painless and self-loving. There’s no right or wrong, no attack, no blame. It’s a playful way to open your mind to its own wisdom and loving nature. It feels to me like allowing your natural freedom and sense of connection to come more forward in your life, to take a bigger role. Not in an abstract, mystical way, but as practical, tangible moment-to-moment guidance in difficult life circumstances. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough."
KS Finance Consultant
"I have a quick, intelligent, and informed mind so for something to create a pause for me is unusual. I am rarely stopped in my tracks and I have been almost every time I have talked with Lila. To say I've been pointed in new directions would be an understatement. I have talked and trained with quite a few 3 Principle practitioners and none of them have opened me in the way Lila has."
Jules Swales Business owner
"I was very caught up in my own head, always worrying about the future and what would happen. I would work myself up worrying about the most ridiculous things. After working with Lila, I feel like I have a better quality of life. I no longer worry about the future and find myself living in the present. My quality of my life has improved greatly and I can see when I have anxious or disturbed thought and am better equipped to deal with it. I feel so much more resourced inside myself. I recently started a new job with confidence and feel like I’ve taken to my new role with ease."
Lucy Conlon Senior Marketing Manager

The Programme

The programme includes:

An intake and objectives call (30-45 mins) to discuss and set objectives for the programme.

A package of eight 1 hour-long coaching calls via Zoom or phone to work on applying an understanding of State of Mind to meet ongoing challenges and the objectives.

The usual format is once a week for the first four weeks and then fortnightly for the remaining four.

"My biggest moment was realising that I put myself in a box of who I thought I was (worrier, lacking confidence) and realising (in the middle of a pandemic) I am not that person and don't have to be that person ever again. I am in control."
KC Head of HR for a global tech company
"I loved how easy Lila was to talk to. She has such a warming personality that makes you feel you can open up to so easily. I woke up excited for what the day would bring."
Lucy Conlon Senior Marketing Manager
"I can say I feel calmer which is quite something for a person who worries as much as I do. I see things in a different way, like there is more space and time around my thinking and relating to the world and its events. I'm less reactive and more curious in my personal relationships with friends and family. Life feels more precious to me."
Jules Swales Business owner
“One of the things I loved most about working together was Lila’s good nature and abundant sense of humour which created a friendly environment that’s conducive to self-reflection. I was able to look at my patterns of thinking completely free of self-judgment or recrimination. I looked forward to each session because I knew there were no painful processes to undertake, just a gentle, co-created atmosphere of wonder and curiosity. It is such a potent approach and Lila’s skilful facilitation is a rare gift."
KS Finance Consultant
"I feel that Lila's approach is so dialled into the individual that she sees, on a profound level, what she can point them to. I feel that my struggle is known to her and I can’t put my finger on how she does that. What she shares is simple and uncomplicated because she isn't trying to impress. She is funny, quirky, professional, knowledgeable, and multi-layered in her skill sets. I am not often surprised and every session we have I come away amazed and surprised. And then after we have our time together what I've seen stays with me and ripples through all areas of my life in a positive and awe inspiring way. If someone wants to live as a happier human, they should give themselves the gift of working with Lila."
Jules Swales Business Owner
Since working with Lila (six sessions) I have less counter-productive personal thinking and more patience and understanding between my partner and I during disagreements. I have a greater sense of freedom in reaching out to my partner. I don’t hold back like I used to. It feels like we are more generously loving with each other, which feels amazing."
KS Finance Consultant

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