State of Mind Training for Teams & Individuals

Foundational and immersive programmes

These are our highest impact programmes. They are designed to give a working understanding of state of mind.

We tailor them to the goals and challenges of the individual, team or group we are working with. Whether in person or virtual, the programmes allow a discussion and exploration of the One Thought framework and time to apply it to the topics and issues relevant to the individuals and the business.

They are designed to allow you to gain both and experience and working understanding of state of state of mind so you have absorbed a sense of it for yourself and do not have to remember to apply it when you go back to your life and work.

Programmes include pre-interviews and follow up sessions to allow troubleshooting and further application of what has been learned. If you want to actually have a feel for how to navigate your own state of mind, understand how to have a clearer mind more easily, and have state of mind effect the operations and interactions in your business, these programmes are the fastest route to the highest across the board impact.

You can see more detail about our individual and group foundational programmes below.

1. State of mind group training for leaders

A programme designed for a group or your team to get the fundamentals of state of mind and apply them to their life, work, and communication. Ongoing support is built in to give your team what they need to thrive and work with a clear vision and clarity raising the bar on what you might have thought possible. We support your team in creating a clear and collaborative culture that has the ability to grow and evolve as your organisation does.

Individual Intake calls

Individual intake calls with your team to discuss objectives and understand the team's understanding of state of mind.

3-day in-person training with One Thought and your team

State of mind group training for leaders is a core One Thought offering. It enables leaders to go through a team programme and cover the core syllabus as a group. The goal of this programme is provide a working understanding of State of Mind to a leadership team to:

  1. Increase the visibility and relevance of State of Mind as the foundation for effective leadership.
  2. Give people a working “nuts and bolts” understanding of the nature and operation of State of Mind to:
    - Allow leaders to improve their own state of mind.
    - Allow leaders to maintain their clarity of mind in the face of leadership challenges.
    - Allow leaders to foster and develop a productive work environment and team spirit.

This is an off-site session over three consecutive days incorporating presentations and in-depth discussions of the material. We feel it pays to take the time to internalize the material so no extra time is needed to apply what was learned back at work, and participants can dive right back into their work with a new capability in their tool bag.

3 half-day group follow up sessions (virtual)

These sessions will allow us to answer questions that have come up to see what has been learned and apply this to the challenges and objectives of the group.

One-to-one mentoring sessions

Six one-to-one mentoring sessions available to your team, as and when needed, for troubleshooting state of mind. This is an invaluable resource as we are able to tailor our support to your ongoing challenges.

2. Individual state of mind mentorship for leaders

This 4 day immersion programme with extended support and mentorship is a chance to get the fundamentals of state of mind and apply them to your life and work. Our role is to support you in your learning and in applying what you are learning, so that you can address the state of mind aspect of the challenges that come your way and more easily live and work in more resilient and clearer states of mind. We are committed to making sure we help you apply what you are learning to the areas that will make most difference to you personally and professionally.

Intake call

A 30-minute intake call to discuss the current challenges, demands and development needs.

Individual 4-day clarity of mind retreat

The core of the programme is 4 days of individual meetings to cover and apply the state of mind syllabus. The time allows us to cover the syllabus and for the participant to integrate it in a way that allows them to apply what they have learnt to their objectives. The 4 days includes two in-person or virtual meetings a day as well as break time, reflection time and time to listen to and read additional programme materials.

Follow up coaching sessions

6 monthly follow up coaching sessions (1 hour). These sessions are designed to keep you on track with your objectives while supporting your depth of learning as you go.


Ongoing support

Support check-ins as and when you need.

"Our workforce became more responsible, accountable, resilient and exhibited higher levels of well being and passion for their work. But this wasn't just about feeling good. It was all about results. Virtually every business metric we track improved as we deepened our understanding - including Orders, Sales, Profit and every efficiency and every quality measure worth mentioning. Most importantly, our customer satisfaction survey scores skyrocketed. I can recommend One Thought and their approach to life and business unconditionally." ."
D Donovan President, Aerospace & Defense Corporation
"One Thought has changed the way we look at the world. We all actually found it transformative. As a senior team, we’ve become more balanced, open and honest. We find ourselves really listening to one another, which funnily enough, does actually result in us getting more stuff done and getting it done better."
Sara Stark Marketing & Creative Director, Dishoom
"I have been to a lot of leadership training in my career and I have had enough of being exposed to a range of ideas and opinions about leadership and being told, “the best one is what works for you”. This course was different, it focused on the deeper more fundamental drivers that affect us as leaders."
Anonymous Senior civilian executive US Army

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