Clarity of Mind Bootcamp

With Lila Turner MA

A journey of uncompromising accountability

This is a journey of uncompromising accountability - empowering you to engage with your life with a significantly clearer, wiser mind.

  • Do you feel like your are living life on repeat, feeling disconnected, and lacking control in your life?
  • Are you constantly putting out fires in your life, only to have another start?
  • Are you merely reacting to the events in your life and attributing challenges to external circumstances, rather than possessing the ability to think about things differently, and approach things in a new way?

Who is this for?

For leaders or entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their impact without the added stress of increased busyness, this ten-day program offers a concise yet potent experience.

While its duration may be brief, don't underestimate its impact - it is filled with powerful principles that provide you with a radically new set of eyes to navigate every decision, conversation, and every relationship in your professional and personal life.

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So many of us are walking through life with an unclear mind, operating in stress mode and not able to achieve or experience true wisdom or freedom, but that doesn’t need to be the case. One Thought can help you achieve mental clarity, get more out of life and reach your potential.."
Tamara Jacobs Founder, The Creative Strategist
“Everyone should give themselves a moment to find the most powerful tool they have inside and how great things can be with a clear state of mind.”
N.C. Business Owner
“I don’t know how Ive gone so long and not had this in my life. I think back to so many scenarios which would have had completely different outcomes if I had applied what I know now.”
Sarah Senior Leader in Hospitality


  • 1 day one-to-one, in person educational training session. (Virtual version available.)
  • 9 daily one-to-one 15 minute accountability check-ins.

No more excuses for why your life keeps repeating the same patterns. We are here to radically shift how you think about your work, life and relationships.


£3,000 + VAT

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"During the lowest point of my business career, marked by the aftermath of a highly stressful acquisition and merger, with three companies teetering on the brink of collapse, I decided to take some time out to do this- at a time when I felt I did not have any. This course proved to be transformative, impacting not only how I approach challenges but also reshaping my entire thought process. Despite being entrenched in a challenging situation, I found myself not just coping with the circumstances but actually relishing the recovery journey. It was a stark departure from the constant struggle to keep my head above water. This shift fundamentally altered my mindset and perception of the world. Its profound impact extended to my happiness,relationships, and,most importantly, granted me the ability to derive joy from the journey, be present in the highs or lows. Currently, my business is on an upward trajectory, appearing stronger than ever before.”
C.J. Entrepreneur/business owner, London
“If you want life to happen for you rather than to you, you should spend the time to understand the importance of state of mind. Every aspect of life is different now. Nothing seems like an impossible situation and there’s a level of curiosity and ease noticeable, no matter what I am faced with.
Jason Catifeoglou Business Founder, The Pilgrim
"One Thought is the simplest of concepts, but only by doing the work with them do you see, feel, understand and have the wisdom to make change, take your power and become inspired. One Thought's approach is the secret to unlocking your potential and inner peace. It is the best gift you could EVER invest in yourself!"
Daniell Raper Business Owner