One Thought Foundations for Practitioners Programme

If you have experienced the life changing potential of understanding the principles and realized the possibilities it has for others and for the world and you are drawn to help others or contribute to the social impact it will have, our Foundations for Practitioners Programme is designed for you.

New Programme Coming Soon

We're currently redesigning the Foundations Programme, therefore, won't be starting a 2020/21 programme this Autumn.

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Programme description

The Foundations Programme is designed to provide aspiring practitioners and internal experts with an understanding and exploration of everything you need to:

  • Impactfully share an understanding of The Principles and/or provide a professional level of expertise within your organisation (for internal experts).
  • Continue to deepen and develop how you share an understanding of The Principles.
  • Continue to deepen the impact that your work has for you and for your clients.

The most fundamental piece in working with clients is really knowing what matters and what does not. What are the key foundations for what we are doing and what is not. This programme is all about identifying, exploring and understanding the core fundamentals. It is focused on gaining an appreciation of what drives and determines the impact and quality of the work we do.

The Foundations Programme isolates and highlights the essential foundations of Principle based Practice, whether you are a practitioner or internal expert.

An internal expert is a person in an exiting position who wants to bring a professional-level understanding of the Principles to their work, possibly provide support to their colleagues and have a positive influence on the culture they work in. To date, we have trained internal experts from the business world, government departments, the prison service, the NHS and education.

"I just finished giving my first group of classes and wanted to write and thank you. I feel so grateful to be able to share this understanding and to help others. I thank you for giving me the layers of understanding together with the much needed confidence to be able to see myself as a practitioner and be able to give over that which has changed my life!!"
Miriyam Kampf 2018/19 programme
"The series of in person classes, webinars and one on one coaching with faculty members enable you to deepen your understanding of the three principles. The programme makes you feel supported along the way and sets you up for success for whatever you want to accomplish being on a personal or a professional level."
Josianne Fox Director of SmartFox Consulting (HR)
"Having completed the One Thought Foundations Programme last week, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at One Thought for a truly brilliant course. I'm still quietly buzzing from it and feeling so grateful to have been mentored by such a brilliant faculty."
Kate Habberley 2018/19 programme

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