In the past 20 years, the greatest differentiator among corporations between wild success and less success has been in the strategic use of digital technology. In the next 20 years, the greatest differentiator will be the strategic enhancement of the human factor, and One Thought is at the absolute forefront of unlocking this factor.
- David Patterson, CEO, Northwater Capital
In my 25 years of leadership and management experience, and countless training and professional development sessions, The One Thought Framework offers the fastest route to a high-performing leadership team.
- Jeffrey Mockensturm, US Army Colonel
One Thought has given me an ability to move forward with clarity. You cannot underestimate the value that being able to think clearly whilst in the midsts of chaos gives you and your business. One Thought is the only workshop I have ever undertaken which has resulted in significant and positive change in my behaviour.
- James Layfield, Founder & CEO, Central Working – Entrepreneur of the Year
Gaining an understanding of the The One Thought Framework has changed the way we do business; the way our relationships play out, and we have become more resilient to circumstances that once seemed impossible. Cascading this understanding to all levels of my organisation has not only created a better place to work, but we can see the direct impact to our bottom line. This understanding is what makes all the difference when every other conventional method, tool and technique stops working.
- Jason Catifeoglou, Operations Director, Zetter Group
Learning about the One Thought Framework can only be a good thing. It’s made me and my company happier, more fulfilled and more stable. This, of course, doesn’t just benefit our staff, it also makes a difference to our customers. I am still staggered by the amount of praise we receive for the attitude, humour, patience and calmness of our staff. I simply cannot recommend the experience more highly.
- Mark Sainsbury, Co-Owner, Zetter Group
Every so often, I reflect on how I can make every moment better. My time with the people at One Thought really helped me simplify my life, and has given me balance and confidence that I never experienced before. I am more productive and happier. The secret to their success is how they make us discover ourselves , and how we can use our minds so much more effectively to manage in an ever -increasing, challenging world.
- Annette Verschuren, Chair & CEO of NRStor, Former CEO of Home Depot Canada
We are now celebrating the Jewish new year. I Wanted to send you my best wishes for the coming year. Also thought you would be thrilled to know, that thanks to your training and support, I was able to create a full time running program in the foundation, working with groups and individuals, and showing tremendous results. So far dozens of veterans are able to enjoy the teaching and are prospering in their life as a result. None of this would have happened without your guidance and support. So I wanted to thank you. You are always in my heart. Its really fun for me to see how you are growing every year and I wish you the best. With great love and appreciation.
- Ofer Meyer, Practitioner
I would strongly encourage anyone looking to improve their organization’s effectiveness to consult with Aaron Turner. To not consider his significant insights as simply leaving money on the table.
- General Manager, Outdoor Advertising Company
Working with Aaron and Mara of One Thought Institute has got to be one of the best investment I have made, both personally and professionally though I was already a very experienced and competent sales executive, I have seen an increase in my bottom line sales results. This is due to the higher level of connection I have with my customers and the clarity of mind I experience when I’m in a sales interaction.
- Sally Coton, Key Customer Manager/Sales Coach
Our workforce became more responsible, accountable, resilient and exhibited higher levels of well-being and passion for their work. But this wasn’t just about feeling good. It was all about results. Virtually every business metric we track improved as we deepened our understanding - including Orders, Sales, Profit and every efficiency and quality measure worth mentioning. Most importantly, our customer satisfaction survey scores skyrocketed.
- Don Donovan, Former President BAE Systems
I was interested in what impact an understanding of State of Mind would have on our organisation.  We have measured results over the last 18 months and found that as well as lower stress levels and better communication, we have increased sales by 75%. This is without any significant change in strategy, process technology or business model.  You could also say that we have more than doubled the size of our business in the space of 2 years.
- Tom Welch, Owner, IT Company
This change in me was something so big and unexpected. Whatever you are at your core, it puts you in touch with the best, clearest version of yourself. It is YOU amplified, and the best part it [is] you have access to it all the time.
- Karen Price, Real Estate & Public Affairs Manager, Adams Outdoor Advertising
An inspiring, unique and eye-opening experience which is life-changing
- Deborah Binun, Counselor
I have to tell you that the impact you have made on me personally and professionally [with] The One Thought Framework is amazing. I’ve been walking through life since you left, seeing things in a way I’ve never considered before. I fully believe you are a gift to anyone who comes in contact with you.
- Cynthia Beiler, General Manager, Sales Company