“In the past 20 years the greatest differentiator among corporations between wild success and less success has been in the strategic use of digital technology. In the next 20 years the greatest differentiator will be the strategic enhancement of the human factor and One Thought is  at the absolute forefront of unlocking this factor.”
David Patterson President of North Water Capital

Discovering what your mind has to offer

Tuesday 4 December, 6:30 pm-7:30 pm

Here at the One Thought Talk Series we often focus on how an understanding of the mind can help with key challenges in business and relationships and life more generally. We have dealt with stress, conflict and finding clarity in challenging situations. Behind all these topics is the mind and its many unappreciated features.

This month’s Talk Series will focus on how simple it is to find and make use of the capacity of the mind. The ability for clarity and even genius in any situation. The capacity to be insightful, perceptive and decisive. The under used capacity for well-being, contentment and ease and confidence. If these features seem elusive or often beyond reach in any way, please join us. It may be much simpler than you think.

The talk will start at 6.30pm and end around 7.30pm. But feel free to come early or stay after to talk and mingle.

Email us at info@onethought.com to let us know you will be coming.

Join us on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm until 7:30pm.

Future Dates:

(No Talk Series in January)

5 February 2019

5 March

2 April

7 May

(No Talk Series in June)

2 July

(No Talk Series in August)

Join Aaron, Lila and Claire each month where they will take a different topic, challenge or area of life or work.

Keep an eye out for the topics and speakers that appeal to you or let us know what you want to see us tackle. We plan to cover a wide range of topics and areas of focus as we go. Your input is very welcome.

How to find us

Enter via the door at 25 Eccleston Place as shown in the image below. (This is not the main Central Working entrance.)

Please knock loudly if no one is present, however, we can not guarantee we will hear this once the Talk has started. If you know you will be late, please let us know ahead of time.

CW event's entrance

”In my 25 years of leadership and management experience and countless training and professional development sessions, Dr. Turner’s seminar on mind-state management offers the fastest route to a high-performing leadership team.”

“Since meeting you my life has become exponentially happier, clearer and calmer. My family get more of me, my work gets better quality. I must thank-you for summing up, in a few days, a methodology and philosophy that is easy to understand and easy to convert to everything I do.”

An understanding….

It is unusual for an understanding of one single factor to have dramatic effects, no matter where you apply it. The One Thought talk series is inspired by this observation and the desire to share the benefits and leverage that can come from this.

The role of the mind….

It is a chance to identify the overlooked role of the mind in everything we do and the opportunity to gain, answers, solutions and perspective by adding this missing piece to the way you approach challenges and situations.

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