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London Leadership Retreat
12th – 14th October 2015.
Central Working – London

“One Thought has given me an ability to move forward with clarity. You cannot underestimate the value that being able to think clearly whilst in the midsts of chaos gives you and your business. One Thought is the only workshop I have ever undertaken which has resulted in significant and positive change in my behaviour.”
– James Layfield, Founder & CEO, Central Working – Entrepreneur of the Year

“In my 25 years of leadership experience the One Thought Framework offers the fastest route to a high-performing leadership team”
– Jeffrey Mockensturm, US Army Colonel

Are You a Leader, Entrepreneur or Business owner?

The Cutting Edge of Leadership is a program designed to introduce a new point of leverage for individual and organisational performance: State of Mind.

A clear understanding of State of Mind is an evaluative tool for performance that is often missing. Most of us underappreciate the huge influence our own, and other’s, State of Mind and lack the fundamental understanding to have much influence over it. As a result, we are overly affected by our State of Mind and thus underuse the innate potential available to us for clearer states and the increased clarity and effectiveness they bring.

This 2.5 day event is designed to increase understanding and awareness of State of Mind so that you are able to recognize and deal with its effects better and to live and work in a clearer, less burdened mental space.

See what past delegates have said HERE.

What are we offering?
The Benefits:

  • New levels of capability even in previously challenging areas
  • A significant reduction in stress
  • More unconditional confidence
  • More resilience
  • Being “discouragement proof”
  • Higher levels of engagement & rapport
  • Increased ease and clarity in decision-making
  • Better balance between the strategic and the tactical
  • A reduction in the persistence and build up of inter-personal tensions and dysfunctional dynamics
  • Increased capacity to deal with difficult situations less reactively
  • Higher levels of peace of mind
  • An increased confidence in navigating one’s own State of Mind and a reduced feeling of being vicitmised by circumstances and other people.

How is this different from other seminars?

Rather than teaching methods, techniques, or strategies, this seminar is focused on a fundamental understanding of a vital framework for clearer thinking that reveals the unlimited potential we all have to achieve the highest level of success and happiness in life. The One Thought framework allows leaders and organizations to recognize and address a fundamental performance variable that drives engagement, effectiveness, communication, morale and results without any additional mental effort.

A 2 ½ day in-depth introduction – Participants can expect to…

  • Understand what is meant by State of Mind and how it affects us and everything we do
  • Be able to identify different states of mind and the effect they have on us, our employees, clients and organisations
  • Understand State of Mind as the key to improved effectiveness, communication and influence and the basis for easier behavioural change
  • Understand the factors that determine our State of Mind, so that you can see the route to a higher freedom of mind and higher clarity of mind in any circumstance
  • See how to identify the State of Mind of others
  • Get the chance to dialogue and apply the issue of State of Mind to your own challenges and objectives


12TH  – 14TH OCTOBER 2015

Feel free to email us if you have questions:
We’d be happy to set up a call with you to discuss the program further.

LOCATION: Central Working – London

Who Are We?

One Thought was one of the first organisations dedicated to spreading an understanding and expertise of State of Mind in the business world – a leader and pioneer in this field. Founded by Aaron Turner and Mara Gleason, who have over 25 years combined professional experience in the area of State of Mind.


“This has changed the way we do business; the way our relationships play out, and we have become more resilient to circumstances that once seemed impossible. Cascading this understanding to all levels of my organisation has not only created a better place to work, but we can see the direct impact to our bottom line”
– Jason Catifeoglou Operations Director, Zetter Group

Monday & Tuesday’s Schedule 
9am – 12pm Morning Session
12pm – 2pm Lunch break
2pm – 5pm Afternoon Session** You will have a break to enjoy lunch on your own or together with other participants at one of the fabulous restaurants in the area.  Lunch is not provided.

Wednesday”s Schedule 

9am12pm Morning Session

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