Want to send individual employees on a One Thought programme?

Introducing our new

Open Registration State of Mind Foundations Programme

If you have worked with One Thought before you will know we provide world class training programmes in State of Mind.

As the understanding of State of Mind starts to spread within organisations, this impact magnifies and starts to establish a new normal of clarity, resilience, good will and collaboration. Negativity becomes less viral and we start to see a whole new Normal.

“I was interested in what impact an understanding of State of Mind would have on our organisation.  We have measured results over the last 18 months and found that as well as lower stress level, better communication we have increased sales by 75%. This is without any significant change in strategy, process technology or business model. We have more than doubled the size of our business in the space of 2 years.”

Tom Whelch owner and CEO It company

“Despite my expectations and in a challenging market place we have seen nearly a million pound increase in turnover, reduced complaints and an extra point on trip advisor, all of which I directly attribute to the One Thought leadership team program“

– Grant Powell, General Manager, The Arch Hotel

“I can see that the guys who have been on the program are the best workers, the best team players and the best sellers.”

– Mateo, Bar Manager, The Zetter Town House

“The team at One Thought was incredibly helpful to our business…Our workforce became more responsible, accountable, resilient and exhibited higher levels of well being and passion for their work.  But this wasn’t just about feeling good…Virtually every business metric we track improved as we deepened our understanding – including Orders, Sales, Profit and every efficiency and quality measure worth mentioning.  Most importantly, our customer satisfaction survey scores skyrocketed.”

Aerospace & Defense Executive

Gaining an understanding of the 3 principles and one’s state of mind has provided me and consequently my organisation an endless supply of resource that had been underutilised for years. It has changed the way we do business, the way our relationships play out and become more resilient to circumstances that once seemed impossible to concur. Cascading this understanding to all levels of my organisation has not only created a better place to work but also visit and do business with – we can see the direct impact to our bottom line. This understanding is what makes all the difference when every other conventional method, tool and technique stops working”

Jason Catefeiglou GM The Zetter Group

“Understanding state of mind and its implications in business is profound. It opens the possibility to a new reality. One in which you can be both in the thick of the action and yet give you the distance to see the bigger picture”

James Layfield CEO Black Box


As organisations see these patterns develop, there is an interest in having more people training. Until now, the only way of doing this was to host full training for your company or have people do an individual programme with us.

Now there is an additional option for organisations who do not want to host a full introductory program. Twice a year we will be offering an open registration introductory State of Mind Programme. It will be just like the 3 day foundational programme you have already done with us. But it is only open to our clients. As a client of ours, you can send as many, or as little of your people as you want and they will do the programme with participants from other organisations we have worked with.

The benefit of this programme is that it allows you to train smaller numbers of people is a cost effective way. This will allow you to train new hires without waiting until you have enough people for a full group. So they can get up to speed sooner. You can also send people that have already been to training and need a refresher.  When registering people for this programme you only pay per participant. An individual intake call and follow up call is also included within the programme.

The cost per participant is £1,500 plus VAT

Dates TBC. Enquire now via our registration form.