Practitioner Training: Bringing the Principles to Businesses Video Series


Upon purchase you will receive 9 download links to each session in this video series.

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Most individuals and practitioners see the relevance of The Principles for well-being and peace of mind. The relevance and engagement with businesses is often less clear. In the face of this lack of clarity, it is easy to lose confidence and working with businesses can seem more difficult. This video series is designed to help practitioners get a more direct understanding of The Principles in business allowing them to see and demonstrate relevance with clarity and confidence.

In this 9-part video series, totaling over 10 hours of footage, you will draw on our experience & understanding to…

  • Learn why working with businesses can be simple and can look easy
  • Increase your ability to see the practical relevance of The Principles in all business including the nuts and bolts challenges, bottom line profit drivers and the concrete big issues
  • Hear real-life examples and case studies from our work with companies of all sizes and with leaders from all regions of the world
  • Gain from our lessons learned as we share stories from the first conversation with a potential client to the delivery through follow-up and on-going relationship building
  • Discuss where creative possibilities & opportunities come from when building our own practices
  • Answer questions about your most challenging clients, your potential opportunities, any questions regarding working with businesses