Continued learning and professional development
for practitioners with Aaron Turner PhD

I have no idea how many thousands of client hours I have spent with groups and individuals. Most of my work over the years has been introducing The Principles to those that are not already interested or aware of them. I have developed, sold and run major programmes and tweaked them over the years as they have run. I have worked as a mediator. I have been designing programmes to train practitioners and have been teaching and developing practitioners for over ten years, long before we launched the One Thought Institute. I have worked with, and learned from many of the first generation practitioners and to a great extent from Sydney Banks himself.

I feel so lucky to have done this work and learned what I have learned along the way. I really don’t want to take it to the grave. I want to pass along as much as I possibly can. This is my way of trying to do that. If you are a practitioner that is interested in learning with me and tapping into my experience, I want to offer an easy, reasonable but meaningful way to do so.

For 17 years I have been sharing The Principles
professionally. I have done that as

– a counsellor with clinical and non clinical clients, couples and families
– a coach with leaders and professionals.
– an educator with sports professionals and organisations in business, the military and non profit sectors
– within education with leaders, teachers and students.
– with community projects and the homeless and with veterans.

About the Programme

This programme is designed for practitioners who are trained and working with clients who are keen to develop their depth and impact. We do this by focussing on our work as a catalyst in our learning and development through observing my work with clients discussing these sessions and focussing on your client and business challenges and objectives.


The year-long programme begins with a 3-day central London retreat to launch the programme, including a live client session to observe and discuss. We will focus on your questions, the issues and patterns you see with your clients, the cases you want to examine and the challenges and limitations you experience. From these real life examples, we will focus on the themes and issues they contain using a mixture of

Case Studies

Highlighting and discussing core themes

Client demos and role plays

Q and A webinars

Programme Cost: £3,000

(option to pay in ten monthly payments of £300)

Designed for UK and Overseas Practitioners

Our year-long programme includes

1: A 3-day central London retreat to launch the programme, including a live client session to observe and discuss.
2: Monthly recorded client sessions.
3: A monthly webinar to discuss the client sessions or your own client challenges and questions.
4: A 1-day central London retreat to close the programme.

(Attendance at the central London retreats is encouraged, but not essential, particularly for overseas participants.)

Programme Schedule (retreats & webinars)

3-day retreat

8-10 November



Webinar 1

28 November



Webinar 2

19 December



Webinar 3

23 January



Webinar 4

13 February



Webinar 5

12 March



Webinar 6

2 April



Webinar 7

30 April



Webinar 8

21 May



Webinar 9

18 June



Webinar 10

16 July



1-day retreat




Please note – the 3-day retreat in November 2019 is confirmed. The remaining webinar dates and the final retreat will be set shortly.