Three years ago I had a very strong inspiration to provide a different kind of learning resource for active Three Principles Practitioners.

It was clear to me that existing practitioners do not necessarily need further training, but they might want to focus on their learning, their practices and their impact.

For me, watching other practitioners work and discussing my clients with them was an extremely rich experience and one that was not widely available to practitioners. I developed The Practitioner Development Programme to provide access to this kind of learning to a wider group of the worlds existing practitioners. I have run the programme twice so far and the experiences and outcomes of practitioners has been surprising and impactful, effecting the way they approach their work in ways that has often surprised them.

I have redesigned the programme, based on the experiences and observations of previous years. I have retained and built on the impactful elements of the programme and also changed it to make it more accessible internationally without losing any of the engagement and richness. This is a programme I am very proud of based on its results and contribution to our field.

I’ve really learned more than I could list. My grounding has deepened and my confidence has strengthened.

CR – Texas, USA

I have changed my whole style since I have been in the conversation, quieter, more listening and I know my grounding has changed significantly.

CG – London, UK

Programme Details

The programme is centered on being able to discuss our actual work and practices. I want participants to see the deeper themes and drivers in our work through the work we are all doing. The focus of the programme is our work, our clients, our objectives and our challenges. Each month there will be:

At least two recorded sessions of Aaron working with  a client. These will include as much variety, client types, issues and focus as possible.

A 1.5 hour webinar for discussions and questions about the client session or your clients and work.

Webinar recordings for playback. 

During the webinars we will have a chance to:
– Discuss the client sessions. You can ask Aaron questions and share observations to get as much learning as you can from watching the sessions.
– Bring up and discuss the challenges in your work whatever they might be.
– Open question and answer time to ask about whatever would be most useful for you about your
work and clients.

To some degree you set the focus of the programme. Aaron and the client sessions are just a support for your learning. If you have a certain client of type of client you want to see Aaron work with, this can often be arranged. In the last two programmes Aaron worked with a number of clients put forward by the participants. During the webinar discussions, the rest of the group can also be as much of a resource for you as Aaron and it is fantastic to see how the different themes and challenges come out in different people’s work.

In-Person Retreats (optional)

In addition to the monthly recorded client sessions and the monthly webinars, the programme will open with a 3-day retreat and close with a final day long retreat in central London. These were added as Aaron thought it would be lovely to have time to be together and connect, to start and finish the programme together. There will be videos of these events for those that cannot attend in person and they are not compulsory. They are an added resource that we think will make the programme richer.

Opening 3-day in-person retreat

At the opening retreat we will have three days together. The retreat will include a client programme with live sessions (Aaron working with a client) and a chance to discuss those sessions afterwards. These three days are also a chance to get a feel for the foundations of the programme and for Aaron to get to know those of you who are able to attend.

Closing 1-day in-person retreat

This retreat will be a chance to get together, share and reflect on the years programme. In the last two programmes this have been a very rich element.

Programme Cost: £3,000 + VAT

(Option to pay an initial instalment and regular monthly payments.)

Programme Schedule (retreats & webinars)

We’ve yet to set the dates for the 2020/21 programme, however, here are the dates for the current programme to give you an idea of the structure.

3-day retreat

8-10 November



Webinar 1

28 November



Webinar 2

19 December



Webinar 3

23 January



Webinar 4

13 February



Webinar 5

12 March



Webinar 6

2 April



Webinar 7

30 April



Webinar 8

21 May



Webinar 9

18 June



Webinar 10

16 July



1-day retreat

18 September



The webinars will be scheduled according to the time zones of the participants. So we are able to include you no matter where you are based. Each webinar will have no more than 25 people attending. So there will be time and space for everyone over the duration of the programme.

Hear from our previous participants

On several occasions I spoke with Aaron about my difficulties when clients or mentees get really angry, and his response, that I could accept this about myself, and be transparent with clients, relaxed me in a way that was surprising! There were many other moments of insight, but that’s the one that comes to mind, the thing I was judging myself about, which of course gets in the way of just being present. SK – California, USA

I now love my coaching. I’m at that point where I don’t see it as work – and that’s massive for me. PH – London, UK

The number of live and real coaching demo sessions with real clients. I also appreciated how Aaron often did extra recorded sessions in between and released those so we could see how he worked with clients over time. DS – Ontario, Canada

You get to see behind the scenes and meet (virtually for me) other facilitators with similar experiences and going through the same things. I would describe this as grounding for me. LS – Wales, UK

Being a professional and a student of the profession. There is no similar offer in this community where you can learn continuously for a whole year in an intimate setting from one of the best teachers of the Principles at such a comparatively moderate price. MP – Berlin, Germany

I would highly recommend this program for any practitioner that wanted to take their work to the next level and beyond. CR – Texas, USA

A hands down top draw programme for anyone wishing to excel at their craft. The experience and humour that Aaron (and Lila) bring to this programme can not be underestimated. JH – Birmingham, UK

It’s the only training that I’ve come across that’s focused primarily on client sessions. It’s a place where we can come together to discuss anything and everything related to our own grounding and our client sessions. And I’ve never been on a program before where there has been so much coaching by the trainer – and coaching of people from outside of the program – which is amazingly beneficial. If you’re working as a 3p coach working one on one with clients then the program is a must. PH – London, UK

If you are a practitioner working with clients this program will take you to another level. DS – Ontario, Canada

I feel more comfortable, more playful, more free in my work. I made an offer for a group of 20 leaders in an organization. I wouldn’t have dared to do that before the programme. MP – Berlin, Germany

I’ve become far more impactful. I listen better, I talk with more clarity and ease. I feel as though I could coach anyone with any issue. I’m far more courageous, and I feel more at ease and enjoy every session whereas before I used to find sessions tiring and often monotonous. Go figure. And I also think I’m going much deeper. And finally, I’m much cleaner in what I’m up to. I very rarely venture from the truth of the principals. And I speak with so much more confidence. PH – London, UK

My work has deepened as I have seen more myself and become more resolute in my understanding – now it’s time for expansion. JL – New York, USA

I found myself approaching organizations and other speaking engagements which in the past I was less keen on doing. TP- Vanadzor, Armenia

I have relaxed significantly. My sessions are freer, clearer, and simpler. MG – Washington, USA

My confidence level in going deeper and directly pointing them in this direction has increased significantly. The effectiveness of my coaching has increased as measured by the speed to impact for my clients. DS – Ontario, Canada

I’m more at ease when working with people. SK – California, USA

If you are Coaching in this understanding and want to learn, feel supported and be part of a community in a safe environment of likeminded people, led by the ever-patient and brilliant Aaron Turner, this programme is a must. CG – London, UK

This was clearly the most significant and impactful training I’ve attended. Aaron’s consistency is invaluable in creating a deeper understanding. GM – Portugal

Starting out in business can be a lonely place and this programme gave me the ‘alternative board’ type of situation where I could be honest and bring my challenges. I found that invaluable. In addition, the insights I had really helped my business in terms of less overwhelm, better prioritisation and hugely increased listening skills. JH – Birmingham, UK

My sessions are now far more transformative. Over the last two months I’ve had clients asking to meet up with me just to thank me for the difference that has been made in their life, I had a client last week who described our one session as ‘powerful…almost religious’ (gulp!) and another client last week said that my coaching is artful. I feel blessed to have been through this program! PH – London, UK