About Us


We are long overdue for a leap in our understanding of the human mind.

One Thought Institute was founded to improve the power of businesses and the quality of life of the people who work in them, by bringing a new solution to some old problems.


Under the Old Paradigm

• Human beings vastly underutilize their own potential.
• There is an apathy and blind acceptance of tremendous inefficiency in the business world.
• High levels of stress, low levels of engagement, and interpersonal conflict are often the norm in business cultures.
• Everyone seeks more meaning and connection to what they do in life.


Under the New Paradigm

There is an invisible yet powerful variable at work that we call State of Mind. Understanding the principles of State of Mind allows individuals and organizations to address and leverage this variable. Bringing...

• Greater potential to the surface
• Inspiration, effectiveness, and overlooked levels of capability
• Significant unexpected reduction in stress, higher levels of engagement and interpersonal rapport without extra effort
• A renewed sense of meaning and connection at work

. . . A New Reality of Working Life


***We are offering a 3-day Practicum, November 10-12, 2013***
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