innate Health Conference

11th, 12th & 13th May 2014

Tikun, in association with the One Thought Institute and the 3 Principles Global Community, invites you to the 2014 3 Principles Conference. A 3 day convention examining the possibilities for wellbeing through an understanding of Innate Health and the 3 Principles.

Through a mixture of plenary and breakout sessions, leading International speakers and consultants will present Innate Health through a broad range of issues and applications, including Relationships, Business performance, Personal well-being and success, Clinical applications, and Education and Social Care. Further sessions will develop themes and look to provide participants with an understanding of the 3 Principles. Speakers include Dr George Pransky, Elsie Spittle, Dr Aaron Turner, Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt, Dr Bill Pettit, Dr Dicken Bettinger, Dr Mark Howard, Mara Gleason, Chip and Jan Chipman, Cathy Casey, Terry Rubenstein and many more.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in personal or professional development regardless of their prior understanding or experience of Innate Health and the 3 Principles. Last year saw over 450 people attend, so be one of the many this year and book one of the limited places now. MORE»


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