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Bright Young Things: Transforming Young Lives

Hosted by Susan Marmot with guest speakers Jacquie Moses and Claire Shutes


28 February 2018

7.30 – 9.00pm

Friend’s Meeting House – Fry Room
8 Hop Gardens
WC2N 4EH London
United Kingdom

Every day 35 students are permanently excluded from schools in England. The number of vulnerable young people living on the streets is increasing each year.  They all face multiple challenges including limited job prospects and mental health issues.

Jacquie Moses and Claire Shutes have been working with vulnerable young people in danger of exclusion and homelessness. At this week’s Community Night they will share the astonishing and incredibly hopeful results they have been seeing. This discussion and the examples below point to an easily accessible solution for young people.  

“I feel more positive, I was truanting from school, I was getting up late and not doing my work, but now I’m back in school and I see a future.”

“When I’m angry I lash out and fight anyone, big men if I have to, but I’m not as angry, I’ve been feeling calmer since being on this course.” 

Their work with children on the edge of exclusion in a secondary school in South London and with a national homelessness charity has led to measurable changes in behaviour and overall wellbeing. These results point to the fact that resilience & wellbeing are accessible to everyone regardless of circumstances and to the ways this potential could provide the basis of new solutions to the challenges many young people face. 

Join us this week for our last Community Night in its current form and location.

Jacquie always had a passion for supporting young people, communities and leaders to create change from the inside out. Over more than twenty years, she has had a diverse career ranging from banking and marketing to community development and coaching. During that time she has worked with a wide spectrum of people and organisations including; schools, charities, young people, ex-offenders, leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, the homeless community and prisoners.

Jacquie is a lead Three Principles Facilitator in a UK prison with Beyond Recovery and an IHEART practitioner. She works with a range of clients including schools, The Pret Foundation, Centrepoint and community organisations.

Jacquie is a graduate of the One Thought Institute mentored Dr Aaron Turner, Mara Gleason and Linda Pransky for two years. She is also a graduate of the One Thought Practitioner Development programme led by Dr Aaron Turner. In addition to this training, she has been mentored by a number of the first generation Three Principles Teachers.

Claire Shutes is a Three Principles Practitioner and Master Transformative Coach. Her training includes being a Senior Graduate of the Three Principles Professional Institute, a Certified Master Transformative Coach, Apprentice to Michael Neill, a Protege of the Coaching Academy and Personal Performance Coach (Dip. Distinction).

Claire speaks and trains internationally, serving as faculty on One Thought’s Practitioner Development Programme, Supercoach Academy and The Innate Health Centre’s Personal Development Programme.

In 2006 Claire founded Potent Coaching she has an international client base that includes businesses, individuals, schools and the charitable sector. Prior to becoming a coach and three principles practitioner Claire produced and directed observational documentaries for the BBC and CH4

Susan  has been helping people with their health since 2002. She  trained for 4 years at The College of Homeopathic Education, London where she gained her Licentiate. Since then she has run a homeopathic practice in Covent Garden and also worked for many years for Helios homeopathic pharmacy. Susan has helped many clients and their families maintain their health naturally. She still runs a weekly clinic in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden. 

In 2013, after many years of searching for ways to feel better emotionally, Susan came across an understanding of how the mind worked that made her life easier to navigate. She was so impacted by what she had understood that she trained to become a practitioner on The One Thought Programme. Since graduating she has been fortunate to work for One Thought as a facilitator helping individuals and also groups in business. She is on the faculty of the Foundations Programme helping to train practitioners. She speaks weekly at their community night drop in class. She is a senior facilitator on the Relationship Ready programme, helping people understand dating in a new and clear way. She is also proud to be part of the  Beyond Recovery team teaching this understanding in prisons in the UK. 

She is the mother of two lovely grown up sons. 

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