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The Three Principles with Dr. Mark Howard

Hosted by Susan Marmot & Lila Turner with guest Speaker Dr. Mark Howard


24th May 2017

7.30 – 9.00pm

Friend’s Meeting House – Fry Room
8 Hop Gardens
WC2N 4EH London
United Kingdom

(Tickets – £10. Limited places are available, therefore, booking online in advance is advised)

What are the Three Principles and what would make a psychologist with a BA, MA and a Doctorate in psychology turn away from all this training in order to transform his practice into one exclusively helping his clients by teaching them? 

Dr Mark Howard is a psychologist with over thirty five years in the field, but unlike many of his contemporaries, he is neither jaded nor burnt out. In fact, he is well known, loved and respected for his ability to laugh at life and enjoy his work and to really help people.
No matter what his clients walk in with, Mark knows they are never broken. He knows if they see something, their life will never look or feel the same again. Come along to hear Mark share in his humorous, deep, simple way about the principles that had such an impact on his own life that he went on to share them with thousands of patients over the last thirty five years. 

Susan came across the principles in 2014 and was so profoundly affected by what she heard that she joined the One Thought Institute to train to become a practitioner. She was taken on by One Thought in 2016 and works as part of their team taking this understanding in to businesses and the charitable sector . She is also part of the Beyond Recovery team which teaches this understanding in prison. Susan is also the curator of the One thought Community Night where she hosts a different guest speaker each Wednesday evening in Central London.

Susan’s background is in homeopathy and she has been helping people with their health issues for many years. She now feels compelled to share this understanding with people due to the profound and positive effect it has had on all areas of her life, including her work, her relationships and how she sees and experiences the world.

Her life before coming across this understanding looked very different and internally her mind was churning up enormous quantities of insecure thinking. She chased around self help groups trying to find cures for not feeling OK, not understanding there was nothing wrong in the first place but for mis-understanding the nature of thought. It was so simple and so profound she wanted to share what helped her with others.

Susan is a mother of two grown up sons.

Lila left a 20-year career as a women’s wear designer to join the One Thought team where she designs, develops and provides programs to individuals and organisations.

Since 2013, Lila’s sole focus has been sharing a principle-based understanding of the mind to individuals and organisations to address the ‘Leaky bucket’ issues people face in relationships as well as business. Her clients vary widely from leaders, engineers, film makers, teachers, teenagers, and entrepreneurs.

Lila is particularly interested in working with people who are working to make significant change in the world so our children can inherit a more hopeful world.

Lila has also worked in schools to give students an understanding of their mind to help reduce stress, anxiety, exam pressures and improve academic achievement.

Lila is the founder of Relationship Ready – a program designed to address invisible hurdles that frustrated singles face.

She is currently on the faculty of the One Thought Foundations Program developing new practitioners and is a regular conference speaker and presenter both in the UK and abroad.

Dr Mark Howard is a psychologist with over thirty five years in the field. He believes that therapy is an opportunity for you to access the wisdom and intelligence within you to overcome your life struggles. He has helped people who were suffering from anxiety, depression, low self worth and low self esteem, compulsive behaviors like compulsive shopping, substance abuse, academic failure and spiritual doubts.

In addition to helping individuals find peace of mind and happiness, he also helps couples move from anger, bother, and hurt to feelings of goodwill, appreciation, love and understanding. He guides couples to their innate potential to live together in harmony and happiness.

The basic foundation of his approach to counseling is to uncover the innate wisdom you have to live with an understanding that provides you peace of mind and well being. Within a supportive and safe environment, his approach helps you realize your true potential for overcoming problems and finding happiness.

His practice is a partnership with his clients. He want his clients to find their well being and wisdom through the understanding of the principles. He works more as a life coach with clients, supporting their having insights about the principles.

Mark has a variety of interests and areas of expertise. He has been helping individuals and couples overcome the effects of all the diagnostic categories with the principles since 1982. In addition to Individuals and couples, he has interests in the business world and the health setting.

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