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Creativity and Insecurity

Hosted by Lila Turner with guest speaker John Scott


28th June 2017

7.30 – 9.00pm

Friend’s Meeting House – Fry Room
8 Hop Gardens
WC2N 4EH London
United Kingdom

John Scott worked in the creative industry for 16 years, 8 of which as a design director delivering retail and branding projects for some of the worlds top brands.

Around 2013, however, he had noticed that the effortless and instinctive way that ideas would come to him in the early part of his career were rarer and increasingly sporadic. How and when he would find himself in a creative flow became more unpredictable.

John began to look for ways to have his creative moments be more consistent and productive.

Though this search, it dawned on him that he had misunderstood the fundamental nature of creativity his whole career. It was this misunderstanding that had undermined his ability to create, leading to unnecessary pressure and periods of low confidence.

This talk will be discussing the nature of creativity. Is it something we do or is it something more natural?

Come join us to find out if a new perspective on creativity can help you see that it’s always available and that accessing it need not be mysterious or difficult.

John Scott is a coach, founder of iamJohnScott and co-creator of A Curious World.

A former Creative Director, John was introduced to the three Principles understanding whilst looking for ways to develop his creative potential. It had a profound effect on him.

He saw that this understanding of the mind was not only the key to his creativity, but that it was the key for lasting, positive change in all areas of his life.

This clarity led to him to leave the design industry, train as a coach, and set up his practice. His purpose is simple: to help others see the truth in these powerful principles of the mind for themselves.

Central to this purpose is his belief in the ability of visual arts and media to communicate ideas simply and directly. In addition to working as a coach, he exercises his love for creative expression by bringing his insights and understanding to life visually.

John lives in London with his wife Lizzie and their dog Loki.

Lila left a 20-year career as a women’s wear designer to join the One Thought team where she designs, develops and provides programs to individuals and organisations.

Since 2013, Lila’s sole focus has been sharing a principle-based understanding of the mind to individuals and organisations to address the ‘Leaky bucket’ issues people face in relationships as well as business. Her clients vary widely from leaders, engineers, film makers, teachers, teenagers, and entrepreneurs.

Lila is particularly interested in working with people who are working to make significant change in the world so our children can inherit a more hopeful world.

Lila has also worked in schools to give students an understanding of their mind to help reduce stress, anxiety, exam pressures and improve academic achievement.

Lila is the founder of Relationship Ready – a program designed to address invisible hurdles that frustrated singles face. 

She is currently on the faculty of the One Thought Foundations Program developing new practitioners and is a regular conference speaker and presenter both in the UK and abroad.

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