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1 November 2017  – Aaron Turner and Guest Speaker Samantha Herman

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From hero to zero and back.

Where did our awesomeness go and how do we get it back?

Hosted by Susan Marmot


18 October 2017

7.30 – 9.00pm

Friend’s Meeting House – Fry Room
8 Hop Gardens
WC2N 4EH London
United Kingdom

Sometimes we are in the zone on our game, Ninja warriors in our own life. We can feel it in ourselves and others can see it in us. We are the best version of ourselves, things feel easy, we are firing on all cylinders, simply awesome.

Other times we are like an awkward, uncomfortable, inefficient version of ourselves. We want to hide away and we wonder where version 1 went. We want to get back to it, but how?  

When you feel like you have gone from hero to zero it can be inconvenient and frankly mystifying. If you are fed up at being at the whim of this come and join me to discover the missing link that can restore your super powers. 

Susan  has been helping people with their health since 2002. She  trained for 4 years at The College of Homeopathic Education, London where she gained her Licentiate. Since then she has run a homeopathic practice in Covent Garden and also worked for many years for Helios homeopathic pharmacy. Susan has helped many clients and their families maintain their health naturally. She still runs a weekly clinic in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden. 

In 2013, after many years of searching for ways to feel better emotionally, Susan came across an understanding of how the mind worked that made her life easier to navigate. She was so impacted by what she had understood that she trained to become a practitioner on The One Thought Programme. Since graduating she has been fortunate to work for One Thought as a facilitator helping individuals and also groups in business. She is on the faculty of the Foundations Programme helping to train practitioners. She speaks weekly at their community night drop in class. She is a senior facilitator on the Relationship Ready programme, helping people understand dating in a new and clear way. She is also proud to be part of the  Beyond Recovery team teaching this understanding in prisons in the UK. 

She is the mother of two lovely grown up sons. 

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