A weekend designed for principle-based practitioners interested in developing the understanding to provide value and impact in a business setting

Most individuals and practitioners see the relevance of The Principles for well-being and peace of mind. The relevance and engagement with businesses is often less clear. In the face of this lack of clarity, it is easy to lose confidence and working with businesses can seem more difficult.  This weekend is designed to help practitioners get a more direct understanding of The Principles in business allowing them to see and demonstrate relevance with clarity and confidence.

During the weekend you will draw on our experience & understanding to…

  • Learn why working with businesses can be simple and can look easy
  • Increase your ability to see the practical relevance of The Principles in all business including the nuts and bolts challenges, bottom line profit drivers and the concrete big issues
  • Hear real-life examples and case studies from our work with companies of all sizes and with leaders from all regions of the world
  • Gain from our lessons learned as we share stories from the first conversation with a potential client to the delivery through follow-up and on-going relationship building
  • Discuss where creative possibilities & opportunities come from when building our own practices
  • Answer questions about your most challenging clients, your potential opportunities, any questions regarding working with businesses

More about us:

Mara Gleason & Aaron Turner co-founded One Thought, a principle-based consulting company. They have been teaching The Principles in businesses for over 10 years. Known as two of the leading business experts in this field, they have taken what was once an inspired idea and turned it into a successful global consulting company. Mara and Aaron have worked with all sizes of companies and have seen the impact of The Principles long-term for companies. In addition, they have been running the One Thought Professional Institute for over 4 years where many of their graduates have gone on to work with businesses.

Barbara Patterson is the owner of a principle-based coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of The Principles to clients around the world. She has lived and worked in Europe and the US. She started her principle-focused consulting business three years ago but has over 15 years experience as both an internal executive and external leadership consultant.  As an executive, Barb was the head of a large global function responsible for talent management, executive development, change management & employee engagement. She brings extensive ‘insider’ business experience and understands first hand what’s on the minds of organizations and their leaders.

Collectively we offer the following…

  • A ‘behind the scenes’ transparent look at what we’ve learned over the years
  • A wealth of experience talking to business people about what this understanding can do for them and their organizations
  • We have worked with leaders from every region of the world
  • We know what it’s like to talk to people that have never heard of The Principles and what it takes to move them from interest to client
  • We have delivered principle-based workshops to all levels of an organization. From CEO’s & top executives to front-line management, educators and health practitioners.
  • We have worked with businesses & leaders from various industries. To name a few: hospitality & hotel, travel, military & government, education, investment, media & advertising, engineering, innovation and technology

When & Where:

*Venue information will be provided when you register

1st & 2nd November, 2014
9:00am – 5:00pm

Register HERE

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